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CEO Greetings

(1) MIMAKI ENGINEERING aims at creating new business in the market by developing various products which boost our customers’ competitiveness with our original ink jet technology and cutting technology.

(2) Our company consists of several business units in order to meet customers’ needs in various markets. We regard each unit as a single grape, and aim to shape the entire company like the cluster of grapes.

Now that digitalization has been rapidly progressed in a sign and graphic (SG) market which is the main target for us, they are demanding strongly more and more environment-conscious and energy-efficient products.

We have been an industrial leading company as a creator of eco-solvent market and will always maintain our leading position with epoch-making inkjet products including Latex ink and Solvent UV ink.

Our product development philosophy is to continually offer “New and Different” products to customers. On the basis of such philosophy, we also attempt to globally expand the market share of digital on-demand printing system with our inkjet printers, which have the capability to reduce power consumption and ink waste for not only SG market but also an industrial product (IP) and a textile and apparel (TA) markets.

Our overseas sales ratio is over 70%, and it is further increasing despite the severe exchange environment. In addition to existing bases in advanced countries including the United States and Europe, we have established subsidiaries in fast-growing emerging countries such as China, India, Brazil, and Indonesia for expanding our business.

For the future, we will launch market-oriented products suited to emerging countries with a view to a much wider range of customers.

For production, we will strengthen our total cost competitiveness by reinforcing the production scale of our manufacturing subsidiary in China established in 2008, while maintaining our domestic production scale.

Our company went public in March 2007. We will meet our social responsibilities and pursue improved quality in all business areas, aiming at an excellent company which can play an active part on a global basis.