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Digital direct print saves time, cost and labor. A long-awaited unit for color-proofing, sample preparation, position confirmation and presentation of mold image.

You can not only confirm the color and position, but also save time and cost greatly compared to the conventional way. Moreover, since it can print directly on soft packaging films, the final products can be simulated such as confirmation of bag shape before engraving of the cylinder.

Check work on the current gravure print up
Testing will be required for mold processing.

Roll to roll enables continuous operation.It saves greatly the works of the operators.

As the machine is compatible with roll media, you can perform continuous printing as you like. It can make multiple sheets of color proofs and samples at one time, which can save the operators a great amount of work. Further, you can propose to your customers not only the design but also a mock-up sample.

Because of highly precise positioning,multi-color overlaying can be performed without difficulty.

It is now possible to make highly precise positioning of white data and color data. You can confirm the design processing such as white color gradation, trapping and overprint on the soft packaging film which could not be checked by paper proofing.

Crossing of distinctive gradations is also possible.

Design of crossing of distinctive gradations can be confirmed not only on the screen but also on the printed material. Since it can make direct prints on soft packaging films, the simulating of actual crossed colors can be performed before making a cylinder plate.

UV curable ink has a wide gamut and high density.

Mimaki's UV curable ink has a wider gamut. As the gamut has wide warm color areas which abound in the package industry, reproducibility of distinctive designs are outstanding. Since gravure and flexo color reproductions require a high concentration of color, bright colors can be obtained.

Reflection density of UV-curable ink
Color gamut of Mimaki UV-curable ink

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UV-Curable SPC-0371 UV-Curable F200 White
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