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Sports apparel / Soft signage / Interior decorations / Textiles

Digital textile printing   Direct
High Speed Print
High Automation
Ink drop size selection
Bulk ink supply
Different color modes
2 types of ink
  Tx400-1800B Belt carrier system

High Speed Print
High Quality Print
Continuous Print
Wide Variations
Digital Work Flow The new dimensional workflow enabled by digital printing
Substantial time savings and production time reduction from design to market enables fast response to clients orders.
No restriction in numbers of colors, smooth gradations and high quality printing.
Ecologically viable printing as only the required ink quantity is used for production. No excess water usage.

Digital Work Flow

Tx400-1800B Belt carrier system

Tx400-1800B Belt carrier system

The belt carrier system locks the fabric in the belt thus enabling conveying without applying tension.
This way even substrates that stretch or contract when getting wet can be printed.

Correspondence chart for D/B model

Tx400-1800DTx400-1800BCorresponding ink
Textile printing Sb210/Rc210

Wet stretchable
Direct sublimation Sb210

Media transport system enables long automated print production

Belt carrier system enables conveying of stretch materials

Belt carrier system enables conveying of stretch materials

Belt encoder revision function

Uneven conveying of textile substrates can be counteracted by employing the belt encoder revision function. As the connection part of the belt shows a difference in thickness of 0.1 - 0.2 mm, without the belt encoder,this unevenness will usually impact long prints whereby the issue increases. In order to ensure high quality printing the belt encoder revision functionality should be used.

Belt encoder revision function

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Textile Print Interior Fabrics

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Sublimation-Dye Sb210 Reactive-Dye RC210 Acid-Dye AC210
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