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Fast direct and dye-sublimation transfer printing in high quality on up to 3.2m width

Superwide direct and dye-sublimation transfer printing up to 3,250mm with JV5-series. In addition to dye-sublimation printing using transfer paper it is possible to print directly on pre-treated polyester substrates.
A speed of 43.4 m²/h can be achieved in high image quality that is ensured by a resolution of 540 x 1,080 dpi for short distance viewing. Even higher productivity of up to 60 m²/h can be reached when printing at a resolution of 540 x 720 dpi that is ideal for medium distance viewing thus making JV5-320DS the ideal machine for print service providers to accelerate business growth and distance themselves of the competition.

High quality image and printing speed,the pride of the JV5-320DS

Max. 1440dpi.Variable dots are adopted.

An amazing high-grade specification which enables super high speed and exceptional image quality

Newly developed high speed head. Newly developed high speed head.

Output capacity - in the case of using a practical image quality for short distance signboard (540 x 1,080 dpi). The time of 4 color printing : 43.4m² (467sq.ft.)/h

4 heads staggered arrangement
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