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Roll + Rigid = Flexibility

With unlimited applications, UJV-160 provides an optimal solution to a variety of printing needs.

Roll Media / Rigid Media

From acrylic board, aluminum composite board, corrugated cardboard, pasteboard, PVC, synthetic paper to PET, print on the broadest range of substrates with just one single printer.
UJV-160 employing UV LED curing technology offers highest productivity and expands your business opportunities.

No drying time, no media deformation

The new UV LED curing technology does not emit infrared rays thus enabling print on heat sensitive materials. UV LED curing with UV inks means instantaneous drying that eliminates post-printing drying time. This innovation leads to dramatic reduction of job turnaround time (from printing to processing) and increase in productivity.

ECO-friendly UV LED curing technology

UV LEDs have a longer lifetime and save about 50 % in energy in comparison with conventional UV printers employing halide lamps. Another environmental friendly aspect of UV LED technology is the fact that it does not emit short wave ultraviolet rays which generate ozone.

Compatible with rigid media up to 10mm thickness and 12kg

With feed and delivery table / Folded table

UJV-160 prints not only on roll media but also on rigid media. Equipped with a feed and delivery table, it enables direct printing on rigid media up to 10 mm thickness and 12 kg. Compactly designed, the table can be folded when not needed thus allowing for a smooth changeover between roll and rigid media.

*Print accuracy may vary depending on types and coating of media.
 Please test the media beforehand.

Vivid image with white ink overlay print

White ink overlay print enables brighter and far more vivid images on both transparent and colored substrates.

Sample images:
4 colors only Without white ink as a basis for overprinting, the colors are not as vivid as they could be.
4 colors + white ink With the white ink overlay print, the image is bright and vivid.

Wide selection of UV inks

2 types of UV inks broaden printing applications.

Types of ink LF-200 Flexible UV Ink
*manufactured by 3M
LH-100 Hard UV Ink
Features LF-200 has 200 % elasticity, suitable for embossing and other post-processing tasks. LH-100 excels in scratch and chemical resistance as well as color reproduction.
Applications Car wrapping, package, and banner using PVC. Prints on aluminum composite board, styrene board, and pasteboard.

*Elasticity of LF-200 varies depending on types of material.
 Please contact our technician for more detail.

3M™ MCS™ Warranty


3M Company offers its premium warranty, the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty for the UJV-160 when printing with LF-200 ink and 3M media. This warranty includes up to 5 years weather-proof durability (Warranty periods vary based on type of application, type of media and graphic protection). Please contact 3M in your country for further information.

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Signage & Display Commercial Print POS Display Window Display Vehicle Wrapping Packaging

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UV-Curable LH100 UV-Curable LF200 White Clear UV-Curable LF-140
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