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CAM LINK is the software to import the data formatted by the DXF-FILE, converting CAD DATA into CUTTING DAT.You can set up any type of cutting conditions (cutting pressure, cutting speed the number of cuts, type of blade) according to the sheet material and the thickness of a sheet to achieve high quality cutting.In addition to that, CAM LINK is capable of automatically sorting out cutting orders, as well as outputting a simulation that allows you to visualize other cutting orders.Cutting order may also be sorted out manually.CAM LINK enables to develop the system structure for the industrial cutting and to bring efficient operation.

You can open several windows at the same time.
Tool-bars make even beginner use of CAD LINK easy and simple.

CAM LINK is compatible with Windows98, Windows95 and WindowsNT.
You can enjoy using Windows performance having 32 bit multi-tasks, long file names, and networking, with full performance.
  CAM LINK is compatible with Windows98, Windows95 and WindowsNT.

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