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Software RIP combining usability and high performance

It is meaningless if high performance software would be hard to use ...
The new RasterLink6 is focused on being simple and usable.
With its many new functions, “Software RIP for Everybody” has been achieved and provides for more professional and advanced finished products through its universal ease of use.

Intuitive and user-friendly operation

Rasterlink6 操作画面
Basic setting items are indicated by icons, enabling intended operations to be performed intuitively without hesitation.   When clicking on the targeted icon, the screen will be changed in the same window. In addition, layout settings can be re-used at any time by implementing "Register as Favorite".   When printing, you can visually confirm the job progress on the main screen.

Supports Web update function.

Supports the Web update function that has been well-received in RasterLinkPro5. Program update and profile download can be easily performed via internet.

Applicable product

JV400LX Series
JV400SUV Series

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